About Senior Brokerage Services

My name is Joel Bianchi, and I have been in the business of providing Medicare Supplement Insurance since 1987, more than two decades.



A lot has changed in the Medicare coverage field in this time, and a lot has also changed in the insurance business that covers what Medicare doesn't.


For example, in 1990 the Federal Government standardized Medicare supplement plans in most states, including Mississippi, requiring that all plans offered, regardless of which company is offering them, must have identical coverage. What this means for you the insured is no matter which insurance company you choose, your coverage will be the same.


This is good.


Unfortunately, many people seeking Medicare Supplement Insurance don't compare companies, they don't compare company quality, and they don't compare rates, mistakenly thinking that since the coverage is the same, then the company quality and rates will be the same also.


Not so.


Sure, you can do these comparisons on your own, then go buy your coverage directly from a company's agent, but did you know there are over 90 insurance companies certified to sell Medicare Supplements in our state? Goodness, that's a lot of work.


Let Senior Brokerage Services do that work for you. It won't cost you a penny more than if you did the work yourself, and I promise we will find you the very best quality company at the absolutely lowest rate available.


That's my guarantee to you, as president of the company.


How can we promise this? We continually check the rates and ratings of all companies that offer Medicare Supplement Insurance in Mississippi, so we know where to find the absolute lowest rates for our clients, and we know which companies have the best ratings.


Senior Brokerage Services BBB Business Review

Senior Brokerage Services is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau serving Mississipi.


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Joel and his Family

I was born and raised right here in Central Mississippi, and have dedicated my career to helping people find the exact right coverage at the best prices available.


I started Senior Brokerage Services to fulfill this commitment to my clients, and to provide for my family. I currently live here in Central Mississippi, with my wife Tracy and my daughter Bergen.


So how am I doing? Take a look at our TESTIMONIALS page to see comments from some of our current clients.


I am committed to integrity and good business practices, and would be happy to show you how I can help you. Please check our CONTACT page to see how you can get a free, no-obligation quote on your Medicare Supplement Insurance.