Senior Brokerage Services'
Privacy Policy

There has been so much hoorah recently about people's data collected on the internet that we want you to understand our policy about what information we collect, how we use it, and how we protect it.


What Information We Collect

The only information we collect is what you voluntarily give us on our Contact Us page. We do not collect any other information.


What We Do With Your Information

The only thing we do with this information is put it into an email and send it to our office email address, so we will know how best to answer your questions.


We do not store this information anywhere on the internet. If you do not become our customer, we delete this information totally from the private office computer where it is temporarily stored, so you can have full confidence in asking us for a no-obligation quote. If you do become our customer, we will safeguard your information with diligence, as we do for all our customers, keeping only that information necessary for you to keep your insurance coverage.


We Do NOT Share Your Information

We hate spammers as much as you do. Consequently, we will never, under any circumstances, share the information you give us with anyone else, unless required by law (i.e., court order), or unless it is part of making sure your insurance coverage is in place.